AVT - Appraisals, Valuations, Transportation
AVT assists Public and Private Sector agencies with Eminent Domain, Real Estate, and Right-Of-Way Acquisition Projects that are: •Timely •Delivered within budget •Meets the scope of the customer and those impacted by the project while delivering a well supported, quality,  product beyond reproach.
Focus on Our Client's Success
We understand that our clients ask us to assist them with some of their most challenging valuation services. We recognize and value the trust they place in us and understand that our success as a Real Estate firm and as individuals begins with their success. We are a growing company – growth offers superior opportunities to serve our clients and ourselves.  We will understand our clients’ specific and unique needs and objectives and will strive for excellence in the work that we do by leveraging the best that our firm has to offer for every client.
Operate with Integrity and Accountability
We understand that our clients expect us to uphold the highest ethical standards and best practices in our delivery of services to them and in the management and operation of our firm. We will only make realistic commitments and then we will honor them. We will hold ourselves and our firm accountable for our actions and our results – emphasizing timeliness and adherence to budget constraints.
Sustain a Rewarding Culture
Our ability to create excellence for our clients starts with sustaining a culture of respect internally. We believe that such an environment is key to attracting, retaining, growing and inspiring our associates. We will behave as colleagues and as business partners. All associates are responsible for marketing AVT services – whether completing a project on time, or responding to our clients’ needs, we all represent AVT. We will live our models. We will collaborate and support each other in our work and extend that spirit of partnership to the working relationship with our clients.
Make it Personal and Profitable
Our collective success is directly linked to the individual choices that each of us make in how we will engage with the firm, with our clients and with each other. We also understand that each of us is a manifestation of our firm’s values. In order to fund future growth, it is essential that we strive to make a profit. We will take personal responsibility for continuing to improve our understanding of our business and disciplines, supporting the engagement and growth of our associates and managing the firm’s intellectual and capital resources responsibly – as if they were our own.